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December 10, 2008


FIRST Jewish president? Not hardly! Every president since the 1940's has had a jewish hand up his butt, culminating with Dubya the Meat Puppet. The idea that Obama is going to kiss jew butt will be the result of his own proclivities is ludicrous in the extreme, and inconsequential on it's face; it's a job requirement to BE the US President.

Obama is as anti-Semitic as his pastor.
He may have a token in his cabinet, but he has sworn to his Hamas buddies to either destroy Israel, or allow it to be destroyed.

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Obama Golem is as jewish it gets for a goy, non-jew. Obama is a Golem, look it up.

Video and books online library about the jew mafia that controls America.


You mean the Hamas set up with Israeli funding as controlled opposition?

Nice to see that Megaphone software in action.

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