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December 18, 2008


This is pure manipulation. Every single example this "letter" describes is propaganda and leaves out the jewish responsibility that caused all these events to transpire. When a group of jews are found to be the cause of the nations wealth being stolen by jewish bankers, what do you expect people to do? When mothers and fathers, children and grandmothers are slaughtered, what do you expect people to do? When lies are told, like this "letter" shows a great example of, what do you expect people to do? And with the "Holocaust", no mention of this was made for decades, despite long autobiographies by Eisenhower, Churchill, and Stalin, who were on the front lines, then what do you expect?

I strongly urge you to watch the free online documentaries available on for a different and truthful viewpoint.

Plus, don't you think most people would wonder why researching the Holocaust would cause jews to attack elderly doctors, scientists, and professors, who simply wanted to prove the truth, would be assaulted, censored, and jailed, simply for testing what the jews claimed took place at Auschwitz and Buchenwald.

Thanks Peter I heard this JIDF nonsense on your show the other night and your analysis was spot on.

I have come to the conclusion that WNs nearly imitate the Jew in many of their ways. In short they try to mask their supremacism but I believe it's there. I personally despise supremacism and 'chosenness'. It reminds me too much of the arrogant and proud Jew.

The WNs reject Christ and almost feel the same disdain for Him as the Christ hating Jews. Like the 90% of the Jews, WNs are predominantly pagan and or atheist-even I was surprised to learn this. It's bizarre but their you have it. They, like the Jew wish Christ would just go away.

The Jew worked on throwing God out of our schools and demonized Christianity via the media, hollywood etc., and the WNs like so many other lemmings took the bait hook, line and sinker. Calling themselves wise they became fools.

Intelligent people like some of the WNs believe their too superior to believe in the unknown, as if they know what's on the other side. No one knows, Jesus was real they just need to get over themselves and get back to being human beings rather than emulating their so-called enemy.

Keep up the great work Peter!

You need psychedelic medicine, because you are lost and confused. It is not 'Jew' Christian' 'Muslim' 'Hindu' etc etc, it is the FOLLY OF MAN that needs looking at. This folly assumes that you are a this or that that is against a this or that. But this is just in your head
If you really felt that we deeply are all connected, mand that Nature is our home and nurturer which needs deepest respect, along with all animals, all species. THAT is the much deeper insight

See through the folly of man, and how his ignore-ant beliefs separate him from others and nature. Take some psychedelic fruit with the humility and intent to explore what i am saying. Heal your divisive hate and contempt

Indeed, and the Jew is the mass distributor of our vices, he makes good money off of it: eating, smoking, drinking, sex, pornography, escapism - tv, radio, video, music, movies, sports, leisure (our laziness) etc...but we're on to him now, and his ticket is about to get punched that God.

Mass pornography suppresses the birth rate.

As does of course the other Jew pet project, on-demand legalised abortion.

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