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September 05, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, there it is for you to decide your self.

It's so funny I had listened to DBS's broadcast the day before and also to the Hufschmidt broadcast before tuning into your show. I'd never even heard of Prothink prior to DBS's railing against them. (BTW, he has a tool named Anthony Hmura that walks in lock-step with him).

You started to go into the whole mess with DBS and how he's burned so many, as I was tearing out carpet in my home (to make way for new flooring). I just stopped, turned my head to the side, looked out the window, and smiled as you went on about them.

I'm so glad others "get it" as far as this ex-criminal fraud is concerned.

Keep up the good work Peter!

Here is another Crypto Jew you can chat about Pete. Bill White is slandering John DeNugent: in his typical crypto style.

Hi Peter,

Why do you use Odiogo services when they're based in Israel?

Odiogo, Ltd.
8, Hatibonim Street
92386 Jerusalem


The retard from roanoke is at it again: Check out his "Lunatics" post.

"It was RIGHT for Bill White and the National Socialist's to bring attention to the plight of the Polish neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio."?

That guy is a jewish shill. Read up:

He even had a crypto talk at his phony nazi gathering in Chicago earlier in the year (Tony Zirkle).

When are you going to get your act together and update this website? Man, you are really slacking.....

You're Right! I need to get off my ass and find time to update this site when I am not broadcast five days a week.

Its hard to know whose who and who's jew. A comment by Daryl does not seem enough to condemn him.

Look at his website and the body of his work. It is fantastic. Look at the interviews and all the basic books on the issue that have been posted.

Perhaps Daryl is not sufficiently christian???????????????? His creative mind might be offensive to some. Maybe he is just too french leaning.

His attitude about race mixing (who a man can marry and love) is not white supremicist at all, actually it's similar to Peter's.

Maybe, you should read the entire article.

There is much more to it, than one comment DBS made.

I have laid out numerous arguments to support the hypothesis of my article.

DBS blames the White race for all the ills of society. Slavery, illegal immigration are all "Whitey's" fault.

He also claims that ALL White Nationalist groups are Zionist fronts. This is an absurd comment.

His research is shoddy and full of holes in many cases. So much for his body of work.

Three things Zionist front groups promote:

Hatred of the White race.

Hatred of Christianity.

Deflect attention away from Israel and the Jewish leadership.

I'd say DBS is guilty of all three.

I listened to DBS for about six months, his attacks on White nationalists and Christian faith are fairly regular. Also, his constant caveats and disclaimers irritated me immensely.

Here are several of DBS' trademark statements:

The White race doesn't exist.

Race is an artificial construct.

All White nationalist groups are Zionist front organizations.

Peter Schaenk,

You choose to write this post lumping E.H. and DBS together in September 2008, while Daryl Smith has completely refuted Eric Hufschmidt, dozens's of times since October 2007, calling him an agent provocateur, posting the statement front and center on his website, breaking completely from any cooperation with him almost a year ago

- you waited until now to make a comment?

The quotes you attribute to DBS must have be old and from the time of the vampire E.H., I do not remember hearing them from DBS, at least in the last year.

I think your work and many others have a lot in common - now. And more in common than apart. For instance, your current homepage repost on Obama from Chicago Jewish News, is the same article linked on DBS's site. And all the researchers in this growing yet small community need to talk, and treat the scheming, whiny, socio-pathic manipulation of a sick and disabled man, as the crime it was.

I suppose more clarity, not less, between common folk, in coming to a clear understanding without personal negative feelings, is exactly what manipulative people with a very specific agenda, do not want.

Emotional, personal positions, from any person and any side of these issues, versus dealing with facts as they are now, are meaningless, empty statements with no value.

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