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July 28, 2008


I love it! Jones' faces looks suitably manic and The Hebes are very Streicher-esque.


Peter, can you please address the anthrax letters and zionist Dr.Phillip Zack, who is the real criminal.

Also, I think even many in your audience don't know the news story of the two IDF agents caught with handgrenades, c-4 and detonators in the Mexican Congress on 10-10-01. (another of the occultic dates)

Going on many mainstream liberal sites, I was surprised at the comments and how many people who knew of the zionist Dr. Zack, who worked at Ft. Detrick and was caught being let in to the anthrax labs after-hours and after he'd been fired. There is so much more I can write, but I'm sure you know about all this. I just want to let you know this is surprising viral on the net and on mainstream sites. People are hungry for this story... Huff Post and Raw Story has 100's of comments.

Also here are a few other links that say alot...

One more cite that really gets into the most facts of any reporting about the anthrax attacks I've seen... I recently discovered this even though I was quite dissatified with the investigation and looked into it quite a bit in 2004 and 5.

Here it is... last link.. sorry for the overload. I just really think this is an issue worth exploring. I heard an interview on NPR today that was quite weak. It was off KPCC I think in L.A. I heard it about 3:30 or 4:00Pm. In this 10 minute report, they interviewed and quoted many of Ivins friends, co-workers, and family. Not one believed there was a chance in hell that Ivins was involved. I will try to find that link to todays show on this. Hopefully, it is online...

Thanks for the info re the anthrax attacks. I will cover this in a program in the near future.

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