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June 11, 2008


news from iraq.....

we are colored people and we have to come together........oh boy....

I mean what does it all mean?
The Jews have all the money and power?
How did they get it?
We're a heard of sheep that's how.
We don't think.
Either that or consider that the majority of people actually might find the Jewish agenda to be more palatable then any other offered?
I'm starting to think that individual families need to circle their own wagons and keep EVERYONES agenda out of their lives.
The world is a stage and I'm not playing anymore

nafta highway plans nixed. hmmm, i trust these bastards about as far as i can throw them. it appears public outcry over this has stymied their plans. i think they are just waiting for now. this is how government works. its like voting for a new coliseum. they come to you and say vote. you vote and the venture is turned down. then they say. oh, i don't think you understood what this is about. so they put it up on the ballet again. then it is finally voted in. moral to the story. watch what they are doing and keep a eye on them.

Jewish Media Moguls in Action


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