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April 05, 2008


perhaps you are right peter. i do not understand a man who is so (it would appear) interested in white nationalism, but at the same time have this infatuation with slant eyed women....he is a bazaar person , there is no doubt. by the way, peter could you put that bit about bill cooper calling alex jones a bald faced liar, permantly in your bump rotation. it is just too damn funny.....

hilter's jewish girlfriend....

oh my....

hitler's jewish girlfriend....

oh my....

peter have you listened to this bill cooper broadcast that was a synopsis of a alex jones news year eve broadcast of 1999. I cannot believe this went on then. I am glad I did not hear it.

This is exactly what I have been talking about in my Bernays investigation.

Jones has obviously been spoon fed information for quite a while.

He is a dupe. Nothing more than a talking head that is being used to whip up the patriotards.

He has been rewarded well for his service to the JWO.

peter, i was watching CNN a while ago and look who made it the communist news network. they were talking about alex jones and infowars on there in reguards to the conspiracy theories reguarding the DC madam and her untimely demise. How come you are never on there peter?

peter, bernays gave them the idea to put flouride in the water also. this information was found out after the sorry sob died in 1995.

look peter, some pinheads in the white nationalist community are buying into this alex jones shpiel. unfreekin believable...

here our hero, talks about khazars , and white viking guys and other cool stuff....

and some jews are talking about him

who knows peter, maybe he is in damage control and also worming his way further inside of the movement to make himself more believable since there are many angry white men out here in the void and he wants them to come and listen to his truth that he has to say everyday....

president wilson hires a man named creel, who formed the creel commission and he sent out 75,000 men to talk to the people and try and talk them into going into ww1. he also hired two other interesting men to help out with this task, lippman and bernays, who's names keep coming up here and there for always the same reasons, the advancement of world jewry at the expense of white western european cultures...and of course after president wilson told us he would not take us to war, we went anyway.

....war made easy....

a film about brainwashing and propaganda to help the jew get us into war so that he can make profits and get the foolish goyim killed...

Peter, thank you for your series of shows on Edward Bernays. They were very informative and elucidating.

There is a 6 part series about Edward Bernays on YouTube. Here is Part One.


You are a one-man army with the research. Thanks a bunch, my friend.

First it was KFI and now I see many more WN's on Stormfront buying into Jones' disinfo.

We live in strange times indeed.

They make a big deal about Jones talking up the Khazarian / Jew connection as if it were some big deal.

I find it hard to believe these posters are WN's. They must be on Stormfront to spread disinfo.

Much like KFI who has gone over to the other side.

freud ----> tavistock institute----> edward bernays, walter lippmann--->
american government, american culture, american business....

peter, i think the trail for this garbage goes back to the tavistock institute, which was started by freud after he left germany and came to england. and we know exactly what the purpose of all of this was. to make money, and to promote the jewish homeland and to promote the jewish world the final goal....

walter lippmann

edward bernays

Peter, I thought that the people over at stormfront were pretty hardcore. I am quite surprised to see that some of them have bought into jones inveterate perfidy. I woke up in Dec 2004, and the world has not been the same since for me. I was there on the radio that day when rush limbaugh said he was on drugs. From then on, i smelled a rat and the bolder gathered steam as it rolled downhill. Now the fire burns 24 hours a day, all day, all night. The truth is a terrible burden, but one that must be told and must be shared. We cannot do anything less. I know my country is dying and my culture is dying and it seems no one cares. This is why I can't even go to church anymore. The strain is too great. Too see these people in there, going through the motions while we kill the innocents in this world and call ourselves good and great. It is a tad too much. Anyway keep up the good work Peter. I believe as time goes by, you will change more minds full of patriotard mush, that you will ever know....

Thanks Katman.

As always, I appreciate your help and support.

Cheers my friend.

peter, you have been talking about culture. this blog is owned by a black guy who likes white women(obviously)
so now we have our young people running around drinking to excess, tatooting themselves , taking drugs and screwing everything in sight. we have them partipating in homosexuality, bisexuality both on the male side and the female side which is apparent by looking at this blog and reading some of the post on it. the young white women on this blog are shown drinking to excess, hanging around with black men, getting unneeded plastic surgery for breast augmentation ,etc......and for what? where has this come from? so now in this generation, our young people have become what the jews have wanted them to become, stupid and ignorant and lascivious and easy to control. this is why our army continues to do the same damn thing day in and day out, going out on patrol and getting blown up. they may bitch, but what they lack is critical thinking skills. this is severely lacking in our young people of today. they are the harvest of a hundred years of severe brainwashing that has taken place and dumbing down in our public schools. right now i am trying to make a connection between bernays and the public schools. i would be willing to bet that there is one.

A Nation down the Drain ( Jesus Camp )

brainwashing in the name of Jesus. brainwashing of the children and for what? for the long range goals of the jewish world order....

peter, isn't this why men and women came to this nation? to get a way from this sort of insanity? they say you are either for us or against us? haven't we heard this sort of talk before? as a Christian man, I find this most disturbing....

oops, here is the link for the Jesus Camp, brainwashing...

Bernays and Freud wanted to control the population.

The use of psychoanalysis was the key.

Put Jewish doctors in charge of our nation's health and the health of our children.

All of the "dumbing down" is due to a change of policy that was either considered "too strict" or not "inclusive" to the minorities.

The child psychiatrists have decided that "self esteem" is more important to the child than education and critical thinking skills.

Hence, you have young girls with giant fake breasts because it helps their "self esteem".

But God forbid, the teacher gives her a letter grade in English, (language arts), or it might hurt her self esteem.

This is why grades are given as percentage points and not "letters". It is not as "hurtful" to the children.

These are the ideas of the Child psychologists that have destroyed our public school system.

It is designed to socially engineer children to accept muliticulturalism and multiracialism. The school system has nothing to do with the "three "r's", any longer.

Peter, that alan watt guy is another one that will not say who the real enemy is.

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