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April 05, 2008


Good to hear Peter!

Thank God!!
Peter should be on the air 24/7

Cannot download the shows

Wow a right 'n' a left and bang, a upper cut, from KFI.

I partly agree with KFI, but I can see the trashy of the other radio hosts out there.

I don't have a problem advertising in radio programmes. In fact I'd hope Peter would strike up some contracts so as to keep his show rolling.

Peter, here is some comic relief material, courtesy of dick gregory, for your bumper music, etc. I am sure you can put it to good use.

century of self

a journey into jewish psychological manipulations of the goyim masses.

here you go peter. a new talkshow host on RBN. he is a health guru...ha ha ha

hey peter, do you want to buy some of my hemp oil? or how about some iodine tablets? ha ha ha

peter, the honorable pastor, James P. Wickstrom, says that Jesus was not a jew, therefore we must conclude that he is absolutely correct in his effacacious utterings. It is amazing to me how people try to bend scripture to fit their own indogenous theories and most of this I think comes from this false doctrine of british israelism or some offshoot thereof.

Peter, this is what a jew is called on RBN. he is called a zionist, a globalist, a bankster gangster, illuminati, etc etc. I was told by manny , the board operator on RBN who happened to be in the chatroom last week, that I should not talk about jews. I was confounded and exasperated by this. I told him he sounded like alex jones. Here we have some 22 year old boy , trying to tell me how to think and talk. This the mantra at RBN. They refuse to call it like it is. They are afraid of losing advertising revenue to GCN. We are hurting ourselves when we talk about jews. This is what I was told. I say, so what. They have all the money and the power. What difference does it really make?

Since KFI felt that it was necessary to post his nonsense twice on two separate websites, I figured my response was worthy of a second posting:

I don’t usually respond to psychopaths, but I will make an exception for the Kung Fu Instructor.

I made my position very clear in the broadcast where I addressed your comments.

With regards to your allegations about homo’s and Jews on my old website;

Since I never checked for circumcised forum members I really wouldn’t know one from the other.

I can only judge someone by his actions on a forum and you sir have behaved more like a Jewish instigator than anyone I have ever had the displeasure to exchange comments with.

You offer no useful / helpful information or constructive criticism.

It appears your only purpose is be disagreeable.

If you really want to know why I shut down the forum, listen up:

It was because people like you took it over and offered no intelligent conversation.

It got boring, so I shut it down.

You’re boring, so good night!

I’m sure Alex Jones has some hot Russian Babes for you on his website!

Thanks For Listening,
Peter Schaenk

bolivia , people want land back from rich land owners. hmmmm....

bolivia, practice run????

aligning with Venezuela, iran??

sadr city = gaza?

israelis teach americans what to do to unwanted goyim.

al-queada is mossad. isn't that special peter? just like you have been saying. imagine that.

These comments do not sound like they are from KFI. And yes, I mean the ones that I have been reading from "The Kung Fu Instructor".

It's not in his nature to talk like this. I dare say that it is a cowardly patriotard.

Peter these comments are showing up under wrong names. A post I made about KFI not sounding like KFI, came up as if KFI posted it.

Maintenance needed on your blog.

i tend to agree with you lyps. kfi at jack blood? good grief. that sure as hell doesn't compute. i think someone has read what he has posted on the forum in the past and has assumed the kfi identity for the express purpose of disrupting both the jack blood forum and shank radio. it sounds like the same argumentative jew that lives in miami that constantly disrupts the RBN chatroom all the time.

red ponchos threaten armed conflict in bolivia....

Nah, something is happening wrong on the blog itself. Cause my name was posted on top of your link and I dare say that this post will end up with the last posters name. (Katman)

The blog needs some maintenance and I am thinking that Peter is not even aware that we are posting here.

I think he suspects that we would post at the new forum where he broadcasts now.

Voice of Reason Broadcast Network.

People should be sure to sign there name at the bottom of their posts from now on, so that we know who is who. But then I guess, even some moron from Jack Blood's junk heap could sign my name.


Holy shit, it called me Craig :|



There is nothing wrong with the blog.

KFI is nothing more than a Patriotard instigator. He is indeed a Jack Blood acolyte.

His assinine posts and IP address reveal this fact.

KFI is an enabler of the JWO, especially when his idea of "preparations" entails surfing the Internet for Asian Porn.

How is the college library in Colorado KFI?

Do they have filters for your Asian porn sites?

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