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March 18, 2008


Mr Schaenk,
Serbian elected Government and Army lost all the wars in ex-Yugoslavia while performing mass executions and massacres on literally tens of thousands non-Serbian civilians.
Honestly, even you wouldn't be surprised if in his next audio-tape Osama bin Laden gives his blessing to holly Serbian mujahedins who just a day ago killed a NATO soldier and wounded many others. in Kosovo .
...dixi et salvam animam meam...

You have been watching too much FOX News my friend.

The Albanians have committed more atrocities since getting control of Kosovo then the Christian Serbs ever dreamed of.

Christian churches have been desecrated. Women have been raped, etc.

The Albanians have been systematically attempting to erase all memory of the Serbian religion and culture that once dominated that area.

Kosovo is Serb, not Albanian, not Muslim. It is the spritiual capital of the Serbian Orthodox religion.

By allowing Muslims to take over Kosovo the UN has made sure that this conflict will continue for another 5o years or more.

2004-2005 archives still do not work... :|

And now "heavenly Serbia"and "heavenly people" (words they using) wrapped themselves in 'christian' and anti nwo cloack?
Ater they butchered every surrounding, virtually defenseless nation, with blessings of the 'powers', now they cry foul?
After Serbs were utilized to start ww1, they were ditched...History Repeats Itself.

btw after battle of kosovo they joined forces with ottoman empire against christian coalition...
their history is based on myths&legends,they not study history in archives, because they do not support their fairy tales
based on "Nacertanije" by Ilija Garašanin,their secret 'Protocols' written in 1844, or "Serbs All and Everywhere" by Vuk Karadzic (1849)

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