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March 14, 2008


Good points Peter. And How about Admiral Fallon resigning after Fallon previously said that "He would resign before attacking Iran." Just a "strange coincidence?" Me thinks not!

Everybody's a butt hole!!
Plain and simple.
I have recently had my eyes opened by a little league board.
This board consists of all Christians .
While their religion has nothing to do with this comment, what I'm attempting to illustrate here is that self promoting, lying , cheating and manipulating scumbags come in all races , color and creed.
This blaming other religions bag of crap is at the root of the alienation of humanity from the human.
Whatever your religion is , your natural tendency is to blame another persons religion for your own ills.
Life is hard. Get a helmet.
We're all competing for the worlds natural resources. What's really at the heart of the matter here is how we all plan to survive collectively and fairly.
I see so much crap where people cry "foul play" but they're never able to look at their own tendencies to "rig the game" for their own advantage.
Hypocrisy does not discriminate.
Unless an individual plans to work on his or her own shortcomings then nothing is going to change.
You can sit here and blame Oil Companies, Politicians, Cops, Insurance companies, banks etc..
But the bottom line is none of these could exist to prey on you without your own acceptance and willingness to go along.
It doesn't matter who is pushing the buttons be it the dreaded "Jews" or the militant "Arabs" or the holier than thou "Christians" the result is the same .
And if we don't challenge ourselves to become informed and understand the nature of all men , we're doomed.
We've allowed, individually, this society to get "out of control" whatever the hell that means.
I'm not even sure this society is "out of control" as much as we have a bunch of self serving jerk offs for the citizenry at large.
Personal sacrifice and self improvement are often the only way to overcome your would be oppressor.
Get real and change yourself and your own expectations or continue to slave to your master.
Whatever or whomever your master is.

It is very popular nowadays to revert to the "Everyone is an Asshole" philosophy. However you fail to understand a simple fact. Everyone is an asshole except the people on your team.

Your ancestors had no problem with this idea and were able to create the greatest civilization known to mankind.

Our civilization is being destroyed with the consent of the descendants of those ancestors as a direct result of the "Everybody is an Asshole" philosophy.

If you want to survive as a culture and a race, you support your team. Our ancestors had the moral clarity to push their agenda forward without questioning their actions. If it was good for their culture, race and religion, they would do what was necessary to prevail. So be it.

Those of you that can't wrap your head around this simple idea, should keep in mind:

There is no middle ground in the culture war. If you don't take the reigns of power and use it, someone else will. There is no compromise in a vacuum of power. Someone stronger and more self assured will always fill the void.

Peter Schaenk

That's probably what the power struggle is all about Peter
But tell me this
How did we get here?

How did we get here?

Our ancestors lost their moral compass in the 19th century.

We have been in a cultural downward spiral since then, starting with the French revolution, American Civil War and two World Wars.

We are about two dollars more per gallon away from a complete meltdown of civilization as we know it.

We either stand up straight and take back the reigns of power, throwing aside our collective "White guilt", or it's down the "memory hole" for White / Western Civilization.

I agree with you
However, I believe that we can't improve as a group until we improve our own selves.

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