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September 19, 2007


Atonement is over!

Back to business as usual for the tribe.

Enjoy this clip courtesy of our friends at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

I know Peter's a big fan of their health care system.

Mr. Hadden,

I just came across this, it's the first time I ever heard of you, I see no more articles on this site by you, where might I find you now? Also, where is this Mr. Schaenk?


I don't get it, on one hand you attack Jews for their racial supremacism and set about exposing their nefarious activities, but then you talk about 'Aryans' as if they are a superior race! No, it's not essentially about race, it's essentially about religion and 'Jews' unfortunately have inherited bad religion which has spawned bad ideologies such as Marxism. The benefits of western civilization have stemmed from Christianity, not from a particular gene pool with pale skin. It just so happened that the formerly pagan northern tribes embraced Christianity which started among a large number of Hebrews and people of other cultures - see Book of Acts, chapter 1-3.

I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

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