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August 28, 2007


I once asked a Jewish woman , of course for whom I was working, what it was that differentiated them with the Gentile.
She told me that one major difference is that the Gentile believe that heaven is in the spiritual afterlife while the Jew believe that their heaven is in the material earthly life.
She said that God gave them the right to be their own gods here on earth.
At that point in my life , roughly age 17 , I revered what I had learned as a mere benign and innocuous religious doctorine that could hardly justify a so called "anti-semitism" movement.
However, the enormity of allowing one to think of themselves as their own God is hardly one of comprehension in one short conversation.
Do you realize the limits of constraint that are removed from such a person?
I would stop short of calling this particular woman evil for this viewpoint alone.
What I would suggest is you put into context what I've said and apply it to the Jewish question.
Sure becoming ones own god becomes a fascinating idea, right?
I mean, who could resist the idea of lifting constraints that often go against the self gratifying in the name of the Golden Rule?
The answer is simple;
for better or for worse a selfish ideology breeds fighting.
Apply this to the Jewish question and alot of their actions, combined with the view of the Gentile toward them, begin to make sense.

After RBN fired Peter Shank, I called in and asked intelligent questions, and was placed on SILENCE. The question was skipped over, and I was just placed on hold until the show ended. As I listened to other callers, I realized the entire framework of the Patriotard networks are simply one false flag after another, designed to keep any potential opposition impotently chasing their tails, like puppies in a safe pen.

Later, I read Dr. Revilo Oliver's analysis of how he became an Unperson within American Conservatism following his realization that the Jews were our misfortune, and how long it took him to realize the magnitude of the RACE WAR the Jews have been in against us.

The shock of realizing the enormity of this was like standing in front of a freight train.

Seeing how quickly Peter Shank was taken off the air was all I needed to see as to why was telling the Truth, and who was pretending.

Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words.

Mark's comments are very instructive. That lady was being very honest.

Lucifarianism, Masonry, Talmud, and all that jazz are all about remaking the world, and about worshipping the creation (material) instead of the creator (living in harmony in nature). This approach makes disrupting the order part of the natural cycle, or what Trotsky (Bronstein) termed "constant revolution." Michael E. Jones has this pegged.

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