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August 30, 2007


The deception is multi layered. It's possible that I might scratch the surface before I die but who knows.
I do know one thing. Truth is never handed to you. Truth is the most valuable "weapon" in the battle of ideas.
The battle of ideas is mans most crucial battle.
Do you think that he's just going to hand you truth?
So when I view world events I notice the Jews being very klanish and devious in defense of their own at the expense of other.
They know the only way for their "idea" to survive is to protect it at all cost. That means stick together , don't give away the secret and divide and conquer.
Hate laws are designed to keep the "gentile " from doing what the jew does which is to group up and protect their own.
It's pretty simple. Don't be lulled into a false thoght of the Jew being more intelligent then the Genitile.
What they have over the Gentile is persistance, "Chutzpah" and patience.
Make no mistake about it, they've enslaved the Gentile on so many levels it's inconcievable.
The only way to break free from ruthless slave owners is to outflank them.
Think about it

Assuming all the facts in this article are correct, then, as Max Hadden stated, the Jack the Ripper "mystery" is really no mystery at all.

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