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March 31, 2007


and the o so friendly white ,have never exterminate most of the red indians,aboriginals,jews
600,000 iraki 4millionsouth east asians(vietnam)and on and on and on
like the japanese, did not kill many chinese etc.. etc..

Romeo, The difference maybe that Whites are usually lead by corrupt governments into attacking others, where it could be argued that Black culture makes rebels/warriors of individuals. These soldiers have little to no honour and go about killing and causing anarchy.

Asians eat cats & dogs

You'll never hear the word nigger out of a white's mouth on the Hallmark channel, but give our societal degradation a few more years and you'll be hearing anti-white/anti-asian racial slurs and propaganda on fucking Nickelodeon.

I believe blacks consider themselves exempt from the rules since they were "oppressed". I know my racist history books didn't teach me that black folks were sold and traded as slaves by their own to be taken to the US.

I am ashamed of the whites having done this, but at least the blacks sold us their own people. It's not like it was our idea.

Again, from the midwest, as a child I've had several black friends who at the time informed me that they knew I was a racist even though I was a nice guy, because their parents told them every white person is a racist.

I hope that black parents truly aren't indoctrinating their children with this bile. This is the kind of shit that perpetuates racism. Put yourself in a mindset, and you'll become your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

The only way to get to a better tomorrow (without genocide) is together.

The author of the article is an out and out racist. Typical is assuming ALL black people are like his image he has of them

He also has no understanding --odd for someone of colour--for understanding the FEAR white people have of dark skinned people that goes way back in history. And this can also affect those with lighter shades of brown skin towards darker skin

There's an old song that goes:

If ya brown, stick around
If ya white, that's alright,
But if ya black get back get back get back!

So let us get over this godamn racism, yeah. It is pathetic, and just continues to spread hate, fear, violence, and segregation. And the top boys--who are usually white LOVE that, because their modus operandi is Divide and Rule!

I don't believe Whites have any history of being frightened by blacks, as they have been slaves to White civilization for thousands of years.

They have never been able to put up much of a fight in order to defend themselves or their primitive culture.

In addition, the only "freedom" they have ever achieved was given to them by White men who died fighting for the black man's "civil rights".

This is not a condemnation of Black's, but an accurate observation of history.

Juliano, calling someone an insulting name does not refute their thesis. Racial differences are biological fact and are far more than skin deep.

Ken, glad to see you are so "enlightened" oops! must be a stereotypical slip!

1. Why should Blacks have any consideration for what asians think in the first place. While we were fighting the government for our rights,your people were too weak and meek to voice an opinion against discriminatory laws. We were the ones being attacked by police dogs and firehoses, being lynched and shot for the rights of men which affected asians too at the time. Must have missed you guys in the news reels walking along side us.

You protested nothing, even when they shipped you off too internment camps. Because you lacked the courage. And now you decry us for our barbarism, while enjoying the fruits of our protest. That makes you and those who believe as you do, below contempt.

About slavery, perhaps you should clean up your own back yard before discussing ours.

Today in 2009 there are tens of thousands of asian children sold into slavery each year.

The UN Calls it the largest slave trade in history

And it is happening right, now on your watch.

Perhaps you should be trying to save your children instead of insulting us. Oh, I'm sorry isnt it other asians who are selling Asian children into the sex trade?
And you call us barbaric?

OK so Blacks are a violent race and culture. But Asians are peaceful right?

What about Pol Pot and the Cambodian genocide? What about the Chinese Governments repressive murder of dissidents and Falun Gong?, What about the Japanese Red Army? What about the Sarin Attacks of AUM Shinrikyo

Ok we might kill our own in street battles, but when it comes to the calculated genocide of entire populations, you Asians have us beat hands down!

As far as your high school experiances, IF they happened at all I would surmise that it must have been a very "Special" school. Because if their educational process turned out Asians like you, then the Blacks must have been pretty screwed up as well!!

Easy to Coerce, China fell pray & Prey to the Boxer movement which idolized and emulated everything European!! Fell sway to the forced trafficking of Opium, and was occupied by a vastly numerically inferior european Military and economic force.

Regardless of this, your children love us. They mimic our talk, our dress and our dance. Perhaps this is because they see the passion in our souls which stirs us to create music and dance in a way that the world had never envisioned. Your art, literature, music, many of your youth find cold, distant and boring (Hell, you have to force it on them). Perhaps they see the narrowness of your views in the arts reflection. I Pity you.

I am Michael
I am a black man
I love my wife, my Children, my people, and my nation.
And I love them enough to even tolerate people like you!


All races and people over history have their bad marks and evil deeds. But the problem that exists here and now is that the American black culture is absolutely toxic. The author is correct in that every black family (usually single moms) who move to the suburbs are trying to escape the violent idiotic black culture. Drugs, teen sex, violence are the rules to live by in the hood. There are basically no traditional family units. Talk to any school teacher who works in the hood, and they will tell you they have 1 or 2 students who have a real Mom and Dad. With that fact in place, that should be the end of the debate about "what is the problem". Lack of core family structure = chaos in society. Always has, always will.

The above topic about race is ignorant.God ceated the universe and all living things.So if one has a racial problem go seek a psychitrist for help.

Blacks hate Asian? Really? Have you been to Africa recently? We nuked Asians? Fought their people killing and raping them like it was nothing in Vietnam or was that Whites. The ancestors of the whites in here stole African people from Africa and ran them down to what they are now and have the audacity to complain. Your country would rather waste money elsewhere outside the country than to to help the great great grand kids of the man and women who made this country what it is (and don't you dare doubt they didn't). Now no more free labor, your country is burning. Actually the whole Western civilization is. All one has to do is pay attention to the news. I'm native born African and couldn't possibly care less about what Whites think is good for blacks this that. Only 50 yrs ago they thought lynching and killing was good for blacks. Before that, they thought colonization and forced labor which is just another way to say slavery was good. And even before that in their bibles, they thought it would be right to influence their whole civilization in to thinking blacks are cursed and therefore should only be slaves. And now they get the same thing back from Arabs kinda. Just that Arabs really want to kill them. Eventually once India is powerful enough, they will also look at their history books and tunr on whites also. I believe the whites have given every race besides theirs, a reason to hate them. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND.

Perfect misunderstanding, blacks have been
Enslaved much longer than 300 years my friend.
The hate comes rim the curse that's been on
Blacks. The anger the frustration is the never ending
Mental cycle of suppression on a level no other
Race has endured. Way before war, the Romans, Greeks
The mayans, due to our growing science even sunmeria.
Science tells us blacks have dominant genes. You
Can mix a black Hunan with any other race of humans, and
With in time breed another black and end up again with
Pure black again. No other race can do so.
They are the darkest which shows them genetically
The elder race. If a lightskinned black stay
In sun long enough he will be dark brown also.
Furthermore, you have to know truth about blacks,
Not judge by a few experiences. Every race has
Ignorance. Here's something to look up. Melatonin.
This chemical is in every living thing from plants to
Animals. Why is it so high in blacks than any
Other race. These people has superior traits that
Separated them from others. One thing you don't hear
In His-story class. Is that kemet or now Egypt
Was a black civilization. What Arab or white or Asiatic could
Sustain those temps and remain light skinned. That is mostly
Desert. Even Arabs there today turn black. So it's common
Sense when you are nit biased to information

Black's make up 12% of the US population. I imagine the split to be about 5%male and 7%female. 84% of the male prison population in the US are black. Therefore 5% of the population is comitting 84% of the crime. Can we see a pattern here? Do the math, unless you dropped out of school at 14 to become a "Baby Mamma",then math will probably be difficult.

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