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August 15, 2006


I'm blown away.
I guess this would explain the nauture of an ass hole like David Lee Roth

why the hell isnt this
guy on wikipedea are they afraid of leaking this info


Because Wikipedia is Jew-controlled.

See this link:

Peter his fellow kikes Stern/west coast,Corolla/east coast .Redstone made his first big splash in the media world at the age of 63 when, after a hotly contested battle against the management of Viacom, he acquired the company, which owns MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and Showtime/the Movie Channel (as well as this book's publisher, Simon & Schuster). The 1987 purchase of Viacom and Redstone's prolonged ultimately successful struggle with Barry Diller over the acquisition of Paramount are the two pillars around which Redstone has constructed his autobiography. While rich in detail about his business dealings, it gives only scant attention to his private life (in any case, Redstone readily acknowledges, "Viacom is my life"). Redstone's obsession to build the world's largest software-driven media company had harsh consequences for a number of less-powerful executives. While it was predictable that Redstone would fire an executive like the "volcanic" (one of the milder terms he uses to describe the former Simon & Schuster chairman) Dick Snyder, it was more surprising when he axed Frank Biondi, who had helped him build Viacom. More to Redstone's liking is Mel Karmazin, who became Viacom's COO after the company acquired CBS in a friendly takeover in 1999. Under his leadership, Viacom has become one of the most powerful media conglomerates in the world. While he claims he has no use for the limelight, Redstone also seems to feel he hasn't received enough credit for his accomplishments. Anyone interested in learning about the making of Viacom will enjoy this insider's view from the man who had the passion to make it happen. (June 8)Forecast: In addition to review attention, this engaging memoir should attract news and feature coverage. A five-city author tour will likely help and boost sales for a book you can bet the entire conglomerate is fully behind.

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