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July 30, 2006


I found it funny too, but like mentioned on the forums Mel have many opportunities to expose the Jewish problem but doesn't.

If he see's Jesus has a hero then maybe he should fight the Jews and allow others to see how they sacrifice him, but no he appologises.

Latest news was, Hollywood banning him, what a joke and another sign of Jewish corruption.

Why didn't Mel simply state that he is upset about the recent Lebanese headlines that have dominated the news? I wouldn't be surprised if he did considering this Officer Mee said he "left out segments that would be deemed anti-semitic? Could this be a furthering of the facts behind the statement all Jews start wars? I doubt he would be upset at that moment about the Jews starting WW1 or 2. I feel it's a set-up.

The Jews are about to ignite another holocaust on themselves that will make the '30 and '40's seem like a holiday.
The tide of self promoting sympathy which the the JEW has ridden for 70 years because of the Nazi attempt to rid themselves of a cancer is at it's end. Their cancer is now threatening the entire world via their control over US politics/military and their ownership of the US media which dominates the thinking process of the majority of Americans. Out of line you say? Remember the JEW denies the legitimacy Christ and despises Christians. JEWS murdered Christ as well by using the world superpower at that time...Rome to to the deed.. See the parallel between the JEW using Rome then and JEW using the U.S. now? I think the facts speak for themselves!
I'm so sick of these hook-nosed sons of bitches pulling their alleged ancestoral holocaust like a gun in a knife fight. The JEW behavior during WWII is a supreme example of how the Jew will start a fight, but are too cowardly to fight it unless the odds are completely in their favor.
Throughout history great and successful men have warned us of the JEW treachery but the Jew pisses on the flames which threatens to consume them and the public has been taken in by these rodents.
Not for much longer, as people are becoming completely sick of their holocaust/ anti-semite mantra much the same as we are revolted by the NIGGER claim that they too are entitled. In my opinion ther is only one race of people truly entitled and they are remaining tribes of the American Indian.
The JEW holocaust is useful now only from the JEW to the JEW. The informed and enlightened Goyim (JEW term for the rest of us) are sickened by their incurable presence and revolted by their viral like infection. The sooner the world is entirely free of their filth, the better it will be.
Put away your swastiga's and your skin head foolishness. The people who use them do more damage to the movement to awaken white America than they do to save it and I'd guess that the JEW has more to do with promoting these 2 disabling aspects of white resistance than you could imagine.
As far as Gibson, he has created his own firestorm and made billions from it. He is completely capable of handeling his own troubles. The JEW controlled news is enough to outrage most, but as they work their own destruction into motion, seek comfort in the fact that this will be their undoing!

I dont really think he said it. He wasnt that drunk, and knowing how those bastards have just been waiting for him to "slip" he would have done anything to avoid giving them ammo like that. I dont think MEL is stupid. Even if it is true as we all know. Look for AMC and Turner to saturate airwaves with Holotripe. Anne Frank, Exodus, Swindlers list etc etc. They should make a movie about the escapades of that jolly fearless gang the Stern Gang! They could feature a cringing Folke Bernadotte begging for his life, and the explosion of KIngDAvid Hotel.

I think I will judge mel's character after he tacles the court case. At the moment he maybe trying to cut and minimise the situation.

Did you notice the Malibu policeman that was the "spokesman" was clearly Jewish? He could hardly contain his smacking of glee, reveling in thier dirty zionist plans.

I feel sorry for Mel. I know for a fact that he and his family have been getting terrorist death threats for 2 years now. The Sheriff's are well aware of this and yet nothing is mentioned about this. I find it suspect that so many are villianizing Gibson for what he said, many demanding more of an explanation of his "All Jews start wars" quote. Yet the arresting officer left out 4 pages because of what he said would cause "Jewish hate". What a bunch of BS. He's already been attacked relentlessly by the ADL and JDL mafia. Google Mel Gibson. These Jews own the first few pages of results , all claiming he's anti-semitic". If you read the articles, not one single one is accurate and either flat out lies, or misquotes his father.

Example, "Hutton Gibson regularly denies the holocaust", etc. He's NEVER "denied" it. He just says it's been exaggerated or manipulated. WHich is true.

Hutton Gibson has been studying the NWO for 50 years! Just like elite jews (Rothschild) 'start all wars.' (Google "Balfour Doctrine".)

I suggest everyone listen to Hutton Gibson's interview done by Alex Jones. Here's the link.

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